Stem Cell Knee Injections



For the past few years, stem cell knee injections have become mainstream for all types of joint and soft tissue injuries. While stem cell transplants have Stem Cell Stimulatorsbeen in use for decades as treatment for malignancies, it has only been recently that it has evolved into treatment for non-malignant conditions such as arthritis for knees.


These amniotic, bone marrow and adipose therapies involve stem cells that are NOT embryonic, and no fetus is harmed in the process. There are no ethical issues with the therapies, and donors are screened according to FDA regulations.


For those desiring to avoid knee replacement or surgery for ligament or tendon damage, stem cell treatment has been revolutionary. Growth factors, hyaluronic acid, platelets, anti-inflammatory material and stem cells work together to help repair all types of knee damage!


Basics of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for ArthritisBasics of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Sports InjuriesTop 5 Reasons Amniotic Fluid is Great for Regenerative Medicine

Basics of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis


Put simply, stem cells are the raw cells of your body that generate specialized functions cells as required. They further divide into daughter cells if provided with the desired conditions. These daughter cells either become stems cells as they grow or become a specialized cell generated by the stem cell.

Stem cells are known for the medical benefits that they provide, making the stem cell therapy a great way of treating several different ailments. Following are some of the greatest benefits of stem cell therapy when it comes to arthritis.


Degenerates inflamed tissues


One of the greatest benefits of the amniotic stem cell therapy is that it allows the amniotic tissues to degenerate any inflamed or joint soft tissues. The inflammatory properties of this stem are similar to those obtained from steroid shots or cortisone. The combination of these properties in addition to the presence of hyaluronan makes this treatment very beneficial for everyone.


Long term relief


Since the stem cells are a part of human’s body, there are little to no side effects of this form of therapy. In fact, this treatment of arthritis even goes beyond the conventional remedy of injection therapy and cures arthritis for a much longer as compared to the temporary reliefs from several other drugs. Moreover, the inflammatory properties offered through this treatment allow you to enjoy a healthier body.


Alternative treatment


Some of the most expensive but needed treatments include transplants. Unfortunately, it requires donated organs, which are far less in number as compared to the people waiting this surgery. As an alternative, stem cell therapy replaces cells and thus heals the affected area. This results in a visible decrease in the number of people awaiting transplants.


Repairs injured tissues


Stem cells treatment is known for its remarkable healing properties. It heals any sort of damaged tissue that may be present in the affected areas. It can also heal or regenerates injured tissues present in the ligaments, rotator cuffs, or the menisci. As this treatment allows regeneration of damaged tissues in vital parts of the body, the overall physical soundness also increases by a fairly good margin.


Improves motion


The amniotic stem cell therapy allows healing of the damaged tissues or even replaces them if necessary. This allows the person’s joints to free up and therefore allows him to move easily without feeling any kind of pain throughout the joints. The amniotic fluid has hyaluronan fluid in it which is responsible for restoring the motion of the body.


There are several benefits that one can derive from the stem cell therapy. Especially when we talk about the amniotic fluid present in this treatment, its benefits tend to go beyond the conventional medical recipes and allow the person to enjoy a higher quality of life.


Basics of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries


Stem cell therapy has been around for almost half a century now. Since this treatment is well-known for repairing damaged tissues, it acts is one of the best remedies when it comes to sports injuries. In this process, the stem cells are isolated from the blood (taken as sample) and then injected into the affected parts of your body in order to initiate the process of healing.


Stem cells are also a great remedy because they involve the stem cells from your body in order to recover sporting injuries instead of other more conventional medicines. In addition to this, this therapy rarely has any side-effects to it.


Tendon repair


In medical terms, tendon injuries are usually referred to as tendinopathy. These are basically the tissues that are responsible for transferring force which when used excessively, tend to get damaged. This is one of the most common sports injuries in some of the major sports like football, tennis, and baseball. According to a statistic, forty percent of all the tennis players suffer from some kind of tendinopathy.


Muscle repair


Muscles are mainly made up of myoblasts which are fused to the muscle fibers. Whenever a person goes through a certain intense physical activity, these fibers are damaged and thus require the presence of stem cells to heal. If that physical activity also results in the damage of stem cells in a particular are, it tends to lose the properties of healing. The stem cell therapy steps in here. It allows the fibers to repair consequently allowing the body part to heal. According to a certain statistics, forty five percent of sports injuries are related to muscle strains which makes stem cell therapy of great importance.


Repairs bones


The best part about bones is that they have the ability to regenerate themselves. However, in certain cases, the stem cells required for healing are not present in s sufficient amount. In this case the stem cell therapy is used. In this therapy the cells used make a cartilage where different minerals and proteins are deposited to help repair the affected are.


Cartilage damage


When it comes to cell therapies, cartilage damages act as one of the ideal candidates. The knee joint is one of the most researched in this area. In the knee, one-third of the meniscus holds the supply of blood. If the meniscus is torn, stem cells are injected into it which attaches them with the damaged area. This immediately starts the process of healing and thus acts as one of best remedies for these kinds of sports injuries.


Sprain injuries


These are basically the injuries in the ligaments and which are usually caused when the ligaments are stretched over their limits. This affects the muscle fibers caused by a probable overuse of it. By using stem cell therapy, the person allows these muscle fibers to initiate a process of recovering, which is laid down by the injected stem cells, thus helping improve the condition and getting the athlete back on their feet fast.


Top 5 Reasons Amniotic Fluid is Great for Overuse Conditions


Amniotic fluid has been considered as medically beneficial for over fifty years, but it has only recently seen use in medical treatments. The fluid contains many stem cells. Stem cells are those undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to turn into any human body tissue.


Amniotic stem cell therapy is frequently used these days to treat overuse and fatigue injuries. Although these injuries usually occur to sports persons but anyone can suffer from ligament damage and pained knees. The stem cell therapy can work wonders in these cases.


Here, we present the top 5 benefits of amniotic stem cell therapy for overuse conditions.


Stem Cells


The therapy delivers stem cells in the body which are extremely effective at repairing all kinds of tissues. Overuse conditions usually result in weak bones and joints and amniotic stem cells are able to improve most painful conditions. These cells can replace any other cells and these days they are not taken from the fetus, which was previously a subject of ethical debate.


Growth Factors


Amniotic fluid contains a lot of human growth factors. These growth factors work excellently well in resolving overuse injuries. Long term sports injuries are repaired very quickly with the use of amniotic stem cell therapy. It is excellent at healing tendonitis injuries. There are also bodily nutrients that are naturally available in the amniotic fluid. This makes this therapy very effective because it uses organic and natural products.


Hyaluronan Improves Locomotion


This therapy also delivers the infamous hyaluronan to the person receiving the treatment. It is often termed as the motor oil of the human body. It provides improved lubrication between joints and tissues and therefore is excellent at reducing the stress on the body due to movement. This factor alone is so beneficial that it can improve a person’s condition, which is facing many overuse injuries.


Reuse of Muscles


Most overuse conditions, especially among athletes, mean that a muscle or joint becomes permanently weak, often hindering normal operation of motor functions. Foot and shoulder injuries are quite common examples and the use of amniotic stem cell therapy can repair the condition permanently if given some time. This means that an athlete can once again fully use his weakened muscles and joints. This is extremely beneficial for professionals and they are happily deciding to take these treatments.


Better Fitness in Old Age


When we grow old, we invariably end up having overused our muscles, joints and tendons. Muscle inflammations and joints pain become quite common events after the age of sixty. Regular amniotic stem cell therapy sessions can benefit seniors a great deal and allow them once again to be able to use their weakened muscles and tendons.


Overuse conditions can appear in young adults as well, especially if they have a history of sports injuries or accidents. Amniotic stem cell therapy represents a perfect procedure for such people as well opt for this therapy from a well reputed medical facility. This can provide them the best physical condition that they require to live their lives in a normal manner.