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R3 Stem Cell offers a network of doctors at Centers of Excellence nationwide specializing in regenerative medical procedures for individuals Amniotic Stem Cell Therapyseeking non-operative options for all types of knee pain conditions. R3 Stem Cell providers are extremely experienced in degenerative arthritis, sports injuries, orthopedic conditions and are highly skilled in the cutting edge regenerative methods for knee relief. This includes providing amniotic, bone marrow and adipose stem cell therapy!


These stem cell therapies for knees have been extraordinarily successful in allowing individuals to avoid the need for possibly risky knee surgeries and get back to doing what they love. This may mean an elite athlete getting back on the field, grandparent playing with a toddler, or an executive weekend warrior.


R3 Stem Cell doctors only use stem cell products that are FDA regulated lab. The products are revolutionary and at the forefront of stem cell therapy for knees. In Time magazine’s recent Health Discoveries’ issue, the protein GD11 was discussed as one of the recent revolutionary findings for Longevity. This protein is a vital component in the amniotic fluid regenerative medicine therapy offered by R3 Stem Cell medical professionals.

The materials used contain over 80 growth factors that work hard to regenerate and repair your knee tissue. In addition, the regenerative material activates your stem cells to assist with restoration of the cartilage, tendon or ligament tissue that has been injured. The technology represents a new paradigm in how we heal injury.


Stem Cell StimulatorsR3 Stem Cell offers financing for patients so the treatments are affordable and within financial reach for most patients. So, why wait, call and make your appointment today to get back to living your life, pain free.


For decades, doctors have been treating painful knees with treatments that are often effective, but do not alter the condition itself. Getting past the proverbial band-aid with a revolutionary treatment that actually helps heal injury has been the holy grail. And now it’s arrived!


Stem Cell Therapy for knees with R3 Stem Cell Centers of Excellence are able to achieve relief by helping heal tendon, cartilage, ligament and other soft tissues. These therapies are low risk, outpatient, and provide relief quickly and often long term. With the providers being Board Certified and highly skilled in the procedure techniques, your chances of success for relief and avoiding surgery are VERY high!

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